Sunday, 24 June 2012

My outfit for summer!!

Hey! The weather in england is gorgeous- for once! But it still had a slight chill. :( Anyway, I decided to whip out my skirt and chill in the garden:)
Add caption - no i dont want to add a caption!

Denim Jacket - £14.99 New Look

Skirt - ( Not avalible on the website anymore :( . )

Shoes - £15 T.k maxx These are as close as i can get!! x

Top: £8 matalan
product/fashion-to-buy-online//Pretty-Graphic-Vest Top/56575&resultsPerPage=1

My swimsuit i bought from New Look


Friday, 22 June 2012

Nails and dm's :D

Hi, Today I have painted my nails!! In England Its raining so I decided to brighten up my day by painting them  pink!! The moment the sun came out, I rushed out and took a picture!!

Aren't they gorgeous??? Just comment and I can tell you where I got the nail polish from x

Found a lush top to go with my Doc Martins!!! but i couldnt find a cardi to go over the top so it will have to be a summer outfit. x

Xoxo :D xx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Back from hols :)

I am back!! I am back!! Hope you have had a good start to the week! I went to a farm with the school,and that means going in a lot of mud- so i did it in style!! Here's a picture of my wellies:

My hair was always put it in a messy bun and when at dinner, I wore Aztec leggings and a vest top. Most of the time was spent walking so I wore my sneakers- which were so comfy :)  

This is my vest top that I literally lived in during my time away these are both from matalan except the wellies which was from George at asda :)

xoxo Comment :) xoxo

Sunday, 17 June 2012

First REAL blog post!!

Hi!! This post is actually about fashion! ( If you read my first blog post: I kept my promise!!)

This is a picture of my doc
martins -
That i got for my birthday, WHOOP WHOOP!!
 These are not my
usual type and i don't
 know how to style them.
I think black leggings and
 a shirt with a little bit of purple on??? I <3 them, they are so so comfy!! i am really want a playsuit to go with my gorgeous flats from , yes you guessed it, Primark! x  

i am going away for a couple of days for my school trip so hope to see you soon


Hey! Welcome to my blog!! I decided to write a blog because I have so many thoughts about fashion and wanted to share them with you!! The next post I will do will be about fashion... I promise!! I also have an account on polyvore so if you would like to check it out it's: . Please do!! Keep checking for a new post. I will do my best to post 4 times a week!

Have a good day