Saturday, 27 October 2012

oops :(

Sorry, i haven't given up blogging, I'm going out but i do still love you guys and don't forget me :) i will post asap! x

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Very picturey :) x

Oh , have I got a juicy post for you! I had a sleepover with 1 of my best friends and god, we took photos! We had about 100 pics and I had to narrow it down because this post would be very.very long! I went round town with her yesterday and we tryed on so much stuff and took pictures and we both looked amazing, we bought nerd glasses i really want to wear them to school tommorow but I dont know if I can get away with it!

The dresses from new look:


My Friend :)

Tk- max :)

Our glasses:

It was fine until the rain!

After the rain.... Kerry was wet so she had my clothes on!
Today's outfit :)


Sunday, 7 October 2012

A massive catchup :))

Hey, just to let you guys no, i am not doing this blog for anyone, I am doing it for myself, I wanted to express my feelings for fashion and just my thoughts and stuff about life. Enough of that stuff, I am doing a question and answer video! Only if i get 15 or more ( the more part would be nice) questions, all about me , my fashion and my life! maybe what I had for tea, how old i am, what made me do this blog, anything you can think of (in reason!!!) and i will try and answer as many as i can without sending you to sleep! Oh and the D.I.Y today is going to be make your own ice cream!

Ok, Outfit for yesterday and today!!

England, I know Sunny!!
Top peacocks,leggings matalan, shoes primark,cardigan used to be my mums.

I have a pink flower for the little girl missing.
Cardigan- Used to be my mums, top primark , leggings, store 21, shoes tk max.
Oh .... I am decorating my room! Bright pink, with 1 wall zebra pink and i am making cushions to go with it!! x
D.i.y : I also uploaded it to youtube : 

Monday, 1 October 2012

Hello, a couple of tips from moi x

hey guys, just finished doing my homework and chatting to my friend x 
She a fantastic dancer and has asked me for an advert to get her a sponser. I dont really know anything about it so i am going to copy and past what she told me to put, I am also going to put some weird beauty secrets i found out.
Enjoy! x

u12 starter disco freestyle dancer sponsorship wanted! 

She is eleven years old and has been dancing 1 year and 2

months. Italia, takes part in many competitions and has been 

first place an incredible 4 times! If you would like to get in to

touch with me or italia, put a comment underneath and she 

will get in touch. If you have a website put that underneath. 

Thanks :)

10 weird beauty tips.

1.Toothpaste kills pimples.

Rub a bit on that horrible pimple and leave overnight. Wash of in the morning!

2. Sugar free chewing gum to battle tooth decay.

3.You should wash your face with honey x

4. Get long lasting lip colour with jelly!!

5. Egg white mask!

6. Tea bag eye relief.

7. Cream rinse - Stops razor burn.

8. Vaseline - Makes lashes gorgeous.

9. Scent strands with perfume!

10. Powder your roots.