Monday, 1 October 2012

Hello, a couple of tips from moi x

hey guys, just finished doing my homework and chatting to my friend x 
She a fantastic dancer and has asked me for an advert to get her a sponser. I dont really know anything about it so i am going to copy and past what she told me to put, I am also going to put some weird beauty secrets i found out.
Enjoy! x

u12 starter disco freestyle dancer sponsorship wanted! 

She is eleven years old and has been dancing 1 year and 2

months. Italia, takes part in many competitions and has been 

first place an incredible 4 times! If you would like to get in to

touch with me or italia, put a comment underneath and she 

will get in touch. If you have a website put that underneath. 

Thanks :)

10 weird beauty tips.

1.Toothpaste kills pimples.

Rub a bit on that horrible pimple and leave overnight. Wash of in the morning!

2. Sugar free chewing gum to battle tooth decay.

3.You should wash your face with honey x

4. Get long lasting lip colour with jelly!!

5. Egg white mask!

6. Tea bag eye relief.

7. Cream rinse - Stops razor burn.

8. Vaseline - Makes lashes gorgeous.

9. Scent strands with perfume!

10. Powder your roots.



  1. Egg white mask! haha I might try this one...hope i dont transform into meringue!

    Elemis skin care

    1. Aha yes, I have been meaning to try this ever since i found it on the internet , i looked at your website and it looks great keep going and thanks so much for commenting, all the best x