Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Happy Birthday!

Hello, first of all i would like to wish my brother a happy birthday!! i hope you had a good day! 19 years of age, Getting old! Secondly Here is Yesterdays, and todays outfit! Tomorrow i am going to southampton for shopping for my school clothes and stuff! Yesterday i wore a headband and i looked like a hippy, Oh well its my style!! x

Headband: Primark
Vest top - Matalan
Leggings : Matalan
Shoes: Primark
Dress: Kylie @ M&co
Shoes: Primark


Monday, 30 July 2012

Today outfit! x

Hey! Sorry about not posting for a little while I have been visiting family which have not internet - which sucks as i love blogging so much :)

Here is todays outfit:
HaHa sorry for the neck bending you may have to do:

Hairband- Primark
Denim Jacket - New Look
Aztec Leggings - Matalan
Shoes - Primark
Top Matalan

P.s: I got business cards through the post today!

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Friday, 27 July 2012

Drawings of mine x

Hello again :D How are you? Had a pretty good week but pretty boring on the fashion scale. In my spare time I draw sketches of models and clothes and as i thought this post would be pretty boring i thought i would show you some pictures of a few of my sketches - and of course today's outfit! Enjoy and please please follow and share this blog with your friends :D x

I know they aren't that great but i am remember only 11!!

I really like the one on the left!!

Denim Jacket - New Look
Skirt - HnM
Top - Matalan
Shoes - as a gift for my birthday!


Thursday, 26 July 2012

Todays outfit!! x

Hey x ( http://fashionality-blog.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/todays-outfit-x.html )
not much to say really on todays outfit :) Sorry :D O yeah i found my sunglasses in my wardrobe which is alway good i have been looking for them for  a while now!!

Top - ?
Shorts - HnM
shoes - Primark
Sunglasses - New Look


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Nails and todays outfit x

Yay! Finally the weather in England is getting hotter!! You will have noticed my outfits have got more summery ( Is summery even a word?) Today the weather is lush!! So Yesterday i went out with a few friends from primary school and i tryed to get a pictur of me but its to hideous to even show my face actually resembles a pig. today i got my nails professionally done for a special treat from my mum as i done well in my Sat's tests. here is a picture of the beauties!!!

My outfit today:
Top - Peacocks
Sunglasses - ? Found them in the kitchen draw!
Shorts - HnM
Shoes Primark
Bracelets - All over the world ( literally! )


Saturday, 21 July 2012

Year 6 leavers BBQ and today's outfit x

Its been a very sad day because i have left my primary school :( I have been wanting to get out since the first day but now i dont want to go!!!!! Anyway i cried and went home 'sniff sniff' and i wanted to show you my outfit which i wore :

Cardigan £? Peacocks
Vest top £8 matalan
Atzec Leggings £6 Matalan
Shoes: Priceless ( See Post a few posts below x )

Outfit for today
Denim Jacket - New Look
Top- New Look
Skirt - HnM


Saturday, 14 July 2012

New Bag and Outfit !! x

OK, OK I know I haven't got the money to buy lots of gorgeous designer stuff but you have to treat yourself once in a while and its not technically designer! I bet your wondering what I am gong on about so I will just show you a picture , make a cup of tea ,dunk a biscuit in and tell you what I am going on about!! This is my new Bag : £6.99 From store 21! I had a tough choice between the one pictured below and a black bag with I love NY on it!! I was going to get both but decided £14.00 Is a bit pricey for two high street bags!!

Here is my outfit for today: Aztec leggings  £6 Matalan. Not available on website anymore, vest top Matalan £8.00 Also not available On website any more sneakers Look on Blog post before today's to see how I jazzed them up!! Cardigan £3.00 Primark!

Top from a picture on facebook I really really want ! More details shall come!! x
At school at the moment we are doing a year 6 performance : Aladdin and I think I could wear some of the costumes!! If I can I will try and get some pictures of some of the costumes I like!!
Ha Ha look at the tips of my fingers!! I am absolutely 100% certain that that's the shading of the picture !! Anyways do you like them? I painted them with my new nail pens! I look like a Dalmatian!! Hope you like them!!


Thursday, 12 July 2012

Nail art Pens!! x

Yay!! I got my nail pens through the post today Whoop Whoop!! I<3 them!!!!! They are a tad hard but when you get the hang of it ... well i will show you some pictures of some designs i like!!

I love this youtube nail !!

Xoxo !!! xx

Sunday, 8 July 2012

R.e: Todays outfit and D.I.Y for cheaper!!!!

Hey again! Today i went to hobby craft and bought some sequins and glue -  not that interesting, right? But here comes the good part: My sneakers ( Pictured Below Before they were trashed!!) got trashed and were all muddy, and i was talking to a young teacher who bought them for double the priced because the were all glam with sequins ans so on. I fell in love with the all glamed up version but , as i am skint, i decided to do some D.I.y!! Here is the steps to glaming up your shoes!!

1. Buy some sequins, you chose the colour!! Oh and some superglue if you don't already own some!!

2. Grab your old worn out and muddy sneakers place them on a magazine or newspaper

3. Start gluing the sequins on one by one and then after about 30 Min's your first shoe should be done!! Carry on and on and on ...until you've finished!! Ta DA!!! Here are my finished shoes!!


My outfit today consists of a sleeveless blouse, new look £12.99 http://www.newlook.com/shop/teens/tops/teens-white-dip-hem-sleeveless-blouse_244918511 i used as a cardigan as the back is see through, blue jeans matalan £14.00 http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online//Cobalt-Zip-Skinny-Jean/57772&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand,
Top, new look not available on website anymore, so therefore cant remember how much!! Sorry! Shoes , see above!!


Friday, 6 July 2012

A bit of advice x

Hi,sorry I have not posted in a while, I have been ill :( But I am back!! :) seeing as I have just been in my pyjamas, I am going to tell you people about a few of my favourite shops, nail varnish's (I think that's how you spell it ) I just bought some nail art pens from ebay for £7.00 , well £2 without postage and packaging - they come from Hong Kong! The other day I bought a load of magazines about fashion and iIam not joking, 1 bag costs more than my entire wardrobe! And for us skint peoples we want it so much cheaper, I myself don't mind charity shop's for BOOKS but NOT CLOTHES. I think that's just EEEEEEEWWW! So I love the typical high street shops new look, primark,river island but I love when its market day in my local town, having a nose around there, and I often come back with a new bag or something. You should try it out to :) I am going up to secondary school in September and I cannot find any fashionable navy blue trousers anywhere, if you know of a place that sells the please do tell me :) x

Here are a few Pictures of the clothes & accessories and shoes i really want!!
Nerdy Birdy T-shirt
New Look


The hat is from new look at just £5.99!! So cheap!!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sorry!! and a outfit :) x

 Sorry i have not posted this week because after school, I am really lazy, and I get into my pj's! Today I wore my doc martens and this outfit :) :

Cardigan £3 Primark :D
Cheaper the better :) x

Aztec leggings £6

Vest top £8 matalan
product/fashion-to-buy-online//Pretty-Graphic-Vest Top/56575&resultsPerPage=1

I got these doc martens for my birthday so I havent got a clue how much but here are some simalar doc martens