Saturday, 14 July 2012

New Bag and Outfit !! x

OK, OK I know I haven't got the money to buy lots of gorgeous designer stuff but you have to treat yourself once in a while and its not technically designer! I bet your wondering what I am gong on about so I will just show you a picture , make a cup of tea ,dunk a biscuit in and tell you what I am going on about!! This is my new Bag : £6.99 From store 21! I had a tough choice between the one pictured below and a black bag with I love NY on it!! I was going to get both but decided £14.00 Is a bit pricey for two high street bags!!

Here is my outfit for today: Aztec leggings  £6 Matalan. Not available on website anymore, vest top Matalan £8.00 Also not available On website any more sneakers Look on Blog post before today's to see how I jazzed them up!! Cardigan £3.00 Primark!

Top from a picture on facebook I really really want ! More details shall come!! x
At school at the moment we are doing a year 6 performance : Aladdin and I think I could wear some of the costumes!! If I can I will try and get some pictures of some of the costumes I like!!
Ha Ha look at the tips of my fingers!! I am absolutely 100% certain that that's the shading of the picture !! Anyways do you like them? I painted them with my new nail pens! I look like a Dalmatian!! Hope you like them!!


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