Sunday, 8 July 2012

R.e: Todays outfit and D.I.Y for cheaper!!!!

Hey again! Today i went to hobby craft and bought some sequins and glue -  not that interesting, right? But here comes the good part: My sneakers ( Pictured Below Before they were trashed!!) got trashed and were all muddy, and i was talking to a young teacher who bought them for double the priced because the were all glam with sequins ans so on. I fell in love with the all glamed up version but , as i am skint, i decided to do some D.I.y!! Here is the steps to glaming up your shoes!!

1. Buy some sequins, you chose the colour!! Oh and some superglue if you don't already own some!!

2. Grab your old worn out and muddy sneakers place them on a magazine or newspaper

3. Start gluing the sequins on one by one and then after about 30 Min's your first shoe should be done!! Carry on and on and on ...until you've finished!! Ta DA!!! Here are my finished shoes!!


My outfit today consists of a sleeveless blouse, new look £12.99 i used as a cardigan as the back is see through, blue jeans matalan £14.00,brand,
Top, new look not available on website anymore, so therefore cant remember how much!! Sorry! Shoes , see above!!


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