Friday, 22 February 2013


Hello again.

 Been preparing this post all day! I would just like to say, my mate is an amazing photographer and has asked me if I would like some photo's taken for my blog, I said yes of course! So if I were you I would follow her on instagram: madphotography23 and see her amazing talent. So today as I got ready I thought I would show you what I'm wearing.. the original plan was to show you my makeup routine but my phone wouldn't send pictures.Damn.I have been meaning to do this post since forever but whenever I Sit posting... I usually get sucked into reading The style rookie. OK so I guess if you don't know this blog or just the name Tavi Gevinson you haven't lived. Like seriously.Never.Lived. She's basically my idol, and i stalk her, I mean she HAS HER OWN MAGAZINE for gods sake! Yeah, i'm Ott, so what? Getting back on track, yeah she is amazing and she started blogging when she was eleven like me, she is now like one of the most amazing bloggers in the world. So yeah.I'm getting her magazine yearbook next week. Beat that.

One MORE THING! I have a Facebook web page for my blog!!  OK so go like this link right NOW! HERE!

I know I look rank but Yolo!

So bye then :P

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Oh you will have to read this post!

So yeah bit of a long title but its true, went out shopping today with some of my mates so ill show you what I have, also a pretty cool Diy. So wham lets get on with it. I got some false nails as well, and I will be updating a few times a day because of fashion week :)

Diy Bracelet!
You will need:
A tape measure
Safety pins
Small beads
Lots of time!

So. You will need to thread the beads on to the pins like picture 4.
You will have to do a lot so I done the whole pack!
Now use the corn and thread it through the head of the pin and the bottom in the pattern you would like.
Now tie it up and Ta DA!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Nothing much really.

omg I am so sorry for not posting in a while.. I have like a thousand drafts but never got round to actually finishing them! I guess I have been pretty busy to be fair. Right this second my mum is drying my hair because I have just died it cherry red. The other day I had my hair cut into layer so yeah.. That's about it really I have painted my nails as well! so yeah ill post a picture of my nails and edit this picture for what I'm wearing today!Oh and you know my New Years resolution, I emailed my p.e teacher because I really want to join a hockey club oh yeah, I haven't even started and I feel great!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

omg I'm so spoilt!!!

I got so much out shopping today! I got my outfit for snap (a massive sort of club for kids and teens run by the police) and loads more so I'm going to shut up and show you what I have bought! the outfit for snap is a black play suit!
I got a key cut at last!