Monday, 1 September 2014

2 Years Change

While i was sobbing as i tried on my school clothes, i thought of the difference between when i was starting secondary school two years ago. Oh my gosh haha


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Back to school.. Eek!

That 3 letter sentence that has you cringing everytime you here it on the tv,radio or website. That 3 letter sentence that makes you want to have a major breakdown. That 3 letter sentence that makes you want to quit life and become a taco, no? Only me then.

Back to school.

This post is my attempt to make going back to school that little bit easier, first of all its an excuse to buy cute stationary and get your parents to pay for it because it "Helps your education". Yeah that works.

A list of stationary that you may need, mostly because i will forget what i need myself..

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Ruler, 15 and 30cm
  • Maths set (protractor, compass, triangular whatsitcalled haha)
  • Coloured pencils/pens
  • Pencil case to keep it neat
  • Scissors
  • Erasers
  • Rubbers
  • Calculator
  • Highlighters
  • Sharpeners
You may need more than what i have put, or less but there we go! You're also gonna need a backpack, its best to get a half decent one as you want it to last but it is JUST for school so don't spend to much!

A list of basic health/beauty essentials..
  • Lip balm - I like Nivea Hydro Care
  • Roll on deodorant - My school wont allow aerosols, i use Nivea Pearl and Beauty
  • Baby wipes - Mini pack so its not to heavy.
  • Umbrella- especially for those british days
  • Spare hair bobbles/grips
  • Spare socks for gym. 
Also the night before you return i would recommend a chilled evening, with face packs (My favorite are these!), a bubble bath, and plan your outfit and set your alarm clock for the next day!

Good Luck if you're going to a new school or just returning to an old school, im going into year 9, i think that's 8th grade? I'm 13 turning 14 x

Friday, 11 July 2014

Summer Bucket List!

Summer Bucket list!
Summer is on its way and here is a bucket list of things to do before summer ends, we don’t want to spend ALL our time napping under that cosy duvet. We need to make the most of summer before the fresh school year comes in! 

1.     Plan a sleepover in a tent.
2.Spend a relaxing day at the beach with your close friends.
3. Create a summer mix tape on your phone of your favourite summer songs!
4. Create a tumblr Blog of your favourite summer things.
5. Have a huge water balloon fight with your friends.
6.Try a new food: maybe Mexican – my favourite!
7.Try to tie dye your own top- Be Careful
8. Chalk your hair; it comes out easier than a dye and you can get more colours.
9.Get a nice tan; although that may be hard in our English weather…
10.Bake some summer goodies.
11.Make homemade ice cream – Search YouTube for tutorials!
12.   Visit an arcade.
13.   Go bowling with a group of friends.
14.   Make some healthy pancakes.
15.   Go on a run to keep fit.
16.   Messy twister game (Use paint and make it up!)
17.   Make some lemonade!
18.   Wake up early to watch the sunrise, or stay up late and watch the sunset.
19.   Go strawberry picking.
20.   Attend a festival, and dress for the occasion!
21.   Plan a themed party – Mexican, French or maybe Italian (for the pizza!), then actually have it!
22.   Make some new friends that you wouldn't normally talk to
23.   Listen to a new genre of music, book of film.
24.   Build a sand castle.
25.   Decorate your room - Tumblr style!
26.   Host a barbecue.
27.   Send messages in a bottle
28.   Have a spa day with friends (Diy)
29.   Write a message on a balloon send it in the sky!
30.   Dance in the British rain!


I don't even know how to start this post, i haven't posted in 3 months.

A lot has happened so i'm just going to make a list and explain about it. OKAY? OKAY.

  1. I moved house.
Lats time we moved house was 8/9 years ago and i cant really remember moving, so this was a MASSIVE CHANGE. Positive, yet massive! Its been around 3 months and we've all settled in really well, even Pickles who has seemed to have taken a liking to a spot on my bed which catches the sun all day. In the summer holidays, I'm decorating my room properly as its a bright blue and its not really my kind of colour here a pic. I got inspiration from tumblr and my wish to travel.

2. My Birthday!
On the 22nd of May, it was my birthday!
I became a teenager, and i was very spoilt! I got, many vouchers, money and my main present: my iPhone 5c in blue! It seems a long time ago now Wow!


I have a few edited selfies because i've changed a bit i think hah
Top - River island
Jeans - Topshop

I also wore my white converse!

I have a summer bucket list that im going to post in a couple of days and a few more surprises lines up
Off to have a nap

Monday, 21 April 2014

Im moving!


well, im moving house tomorrow and i have nothing else to do so i thought i would have a natter with ya! You lucky things!

Im sat on my mattress in my pj's with some extremely slow internet as our main has been cut of.
Lately i have joined the school magazine where i am writing a few articles on blogging, where i have mentioned you guys and also my favourite blogg, Tavi Gevinson and im loving it. Well, its better than spending my time tumblr and its helping me with my English yey.

I need some of your ideas for my rooms. i need some inspiration. Basically i want something i like im guessing Ha. So im just going to list the things i like

  1. Cosy things  - Extremely soft blankets and pillows and just generally soft things
  2. Cute things - Fairy lights, old photos you know the stuff 
  3. Colour themes - I like dark blue and stuff
So basically its a tumblr room. . . 

But, if you have any more ideas just comment me links, advice, inspiration. You name it i want it
Also i love to hear about random things hahah you dont have to but i love a cheeky story or something

Some good posts coming up as i have to much spare time at the moment hah

k bye 
love ya'll 


Thursday, 20 February 2014

What is normal?

Hey guys, been really lacking on the posts and videos lately *slaps wrist* and i thought about doing one about what society is and what normal is.

At one point in your life you've probably been called weird right? especially going through secondary school. So you've been called weird but its weird to be called normal. Like has someone ever come up to you and sais "You're so normal?" I havent. But what im trying to get to is what is normal? To me being called weird is a complement, it may not be aimed as a compliment but i sure do take it as one.

To me, normal is boring. Normal is plain, dull and if it were a colour it would be grey or white. Just dull. At some point in your life you will try and be normal, try fit in with popular people or something. Don't bother. Either way you're going to end up realizing that they are not your real friends - they will think that you're so called "normal". Your true friends honestly like you for being yourself: shouting out, laughing that hideous but amazing laugh of yours wearing weird stuff that you will look back on be be like "omg what the hell." You have to make those memories and enjoy them. Be crazy.

Alot of your childhood your "rank" will depend on society. Society is everybody, they create the trends, they judge you - they look down their noses at you. Society is in the air - it comes out of every breath. Its like rumors - that become true. Society wont like you unless you're pretty, get 200 likes on your profile picture or if you're rich. Now as it's unlikely that any of these are you so you going to have to stp trying. It's so much better when you stop caring about what people think about you and overall, they will begin to like you more that you're not trying. Of course, you will still get those people that will dislike you but thats there problem: not yours. More pity them aha.

My school is very "rank based" im not sure if other schools are like this. You have the "populars" Mostly stuck up, but thats just my opinion haha. You have the "k blocks" Yes, they hang around k block haa. They are the "sweats" I honestly dont understand any of this.. If you don't "hang out" where the populars hang out then you're a k block, yep even if you don't hang around "k block" it's so sad how we get put into these groups when no one even knows us. And no, not one person goes : "YOU, YOU'RE A K" Thats not how it works. I suppose it's known as the unspoken truth paha i dont know! SO i thought i would get that little rant over and done with!

How are you guys? I got my hair done today and it's so much shorter Eek! I think i like it but i dont know i want your opinions!
I apologise for the photo, its late and i couldnt be bothered to find a decent camera so i used my phone.


Thursday, 2 January 2014


Woah, that's another year gone and it was a great year! i have changed mentally so much, and maybe physically, i have grown! Whoop Whoop! I thought today i would do a nice post about my last resolutions and this years resolutions! Ok so maybe my last years resolutions were a big fat fail. Haha here they are:

  1. To try and blog everyday
       OK, so that failed. lot. but i obviously wasn't thinking straight.. i couldn't have achieved this as i have been lumbered with a lot of homework and a lot of pressure to do well. I have also started you tubing which also takes up a lot of my time. I have to get my homework over and done before i can do anything i enjoy, this blogs page views have gone down and that probably because i haven't done many posts last year.. I think there's going to be a new resolution - to try and not make promises i cant keep. ditto.

2. To get more active

HAHAH. NO. This has been my worst year yet for getting active. I have done nothing to try and keep active. NOTHING i repeat. *slaps wrist* I have eaten way more junk food than necessary. This year I'm GOING to change. Starting from today. All i do thats active is p.e at school. Second set. 

3. To spend less time on Facebook

Yes, i have achieved this.. i don't go on Facebook as much as i used to. Its not that great. My newsfeed is full up of teenage girl dramas and sick relationships. ew. So i think i have done pretty well on that one. Well i done other useful stuff with my free time. Then i found tumblr. And that's another story for another day. 

4. To take more pictures with my camera.
Now this is one good one! I am really happy with this one. I have definitely achieved this. i Will achieve this throughout 2014 as i got a tripod for Christmas YAY!

5. To keep a journal
Nope. Its just not for me this journal stuff. it would be really nice to for keepsakes and that but nope not for me. I either forget about it or just never start. Sometimes i start then realise how boring and pathetic my life is haaha.

I have actually now sat and made goals for 2014...

1: I really do need to get ACTIVE. im a teenager and my body is rapidly changing so i need to keep fit and healthy. Weve just bought a pink exercise bike and a running machine so i need to do 20 minutes every other day. I also really need to cut down on the junkfood. Alot of weekends im like oh im going to pig out.. and its just bad. i mean once a month is fine but every weekend just isnt on. Oh megan..

2: Take opportunities. i have been really poor at this hah for example if  get asked to go round someones house i sometimes say im busy when im just on tumblr aha:)I NEED TO STOP DOING THIS! and this also includes the fact im to lazy to join a sports team at school. I need to join the netball team...

3: Balance everything.. for example if i have a big project at school i need to plan to balance it over a period of weekends. Yep.

So those are my resolutions.. i would now like to share with you my new obsession.... BEANIES hats:) i would NOW like to share with you a picture of pickles with my new river island beanie on (Bottom) which was £3 in the sale! and my New Look one! £4!