Thursday, 20 February 2014

What is normal?

Hey guys, been really lacking on the posts and videos lately *slaps wrist* and i thought about doing one about what society is and what normal is.

At one point in your life you've probably been called weird right? especially going through secondary school. So you've been called weird but its weird to be called normal. Like has someone ever come up to you and sais "You're so normal?" I havent. But what im trying to get to is what is normal? To me being called weird is a complement, it may not be aimed as a compliment but i sure do take it as one.

To me, normal is boring. Normal is plain, dull and if it were a colour it would be grey or white. Just dull. At some point in your life you will try and be normal, try fit in with popular people or something. Don't bother. Either way you're going to end up realizing that they are not your real friends - they will think that you're so called "normal". Your true friends honestly like you for being yourself: shouting out, laughing that hideous but amazing laugh of yours wearing weird stuff that you will look back on be be like "omg what the hell." You have to make those memories and enjoy them. Be crazy.

Alot of your childhood your "rank" will depend on society. Society is everybody, they create the trends, they judge you - they look down their noses at you. Society is in the air - it comes out of every breath. Its like rumors - that become true. Society wont like you unless you're pretty, get 200 likes on your profile picture or if you're rich. Now as it's unlikely that any of these are you so you going to have to stp trying. It's so much better when you stop caring about what people think about you and overall, they will begin to like you more that you're not trying. Of course, you will still get those people that will dislike you but thats there problem: not yours. More pity them aha.

My school is very "rank based" im not sure if other schools are like this. You have the "populars" Mostly stuck up, but thats just my opinion haha. You have the "k blocks" Yes, they hang around k block haa. They are the "sweats" I honestly dont understand any of this.. If you don't "hang out" where the populars hang out then you're a k block, yep even if you don't hang around "k block" it's so sad how we get put into these groups when no one even knows us. And no, not one person goes : "YOU, YOU'RE A K" Thats not how it works. I suppose it's known as the unspoken truth paha i dont know! SO i thought i would get that little rant over and done with!

How are you guys? I got my hair done today and it's so much shorter Eek! I think i like it but i dont know i want your opinions!
I apologise for the photo, its late and i couldnt be bothered to find a decent camera so i used my phone.


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