Thursday, 2 January 2014


Woah, that's another year gone and it was a great year! i have changed mentally so much, and maybe physically, i have grown! Whoop Whoop! I thought today i would do a nice post about my last resolutions and this years resolutions! Ok so maybe my last years resolutions were a big fat fail. Haha here they are:

  1. To try and blog everyday
       OK, so that failed. lot. but i obviously wasn't thinking straight.. i couldn't have achieved this as i have been lumbered with a lot of homework and a lot of pressure to do well. I have also started you tubing which also takes up a lot of my time. I have to get my homework over and done before i can do anything i enjoy, this blogs page views have gone down and that probably because i haven't done many posts last year.. I think there's going to be a new resolution - to try and not make promises i cant keep. ditto.

2. To get more active

HAHAH. NO. This has been my worst year yet for getting active. I have done nothing to try and keep active. NOTHING i repeat. *slaps wrist* I have eaten way more junk food than necessary. This year I'm GOING to change. Starting from today. All i do thats active is p.e at school. Second set. 

3. To spend less time on Facebook

Yes, i have achieved this.. i don't go on Facebook as much as i used to. Its not that great. My newsfeed is full up of teenage girl dramas and sick relationships. ew. So i think i have done pretty well on that one. Well i done other useful stuff with my free time. Then i found tumblr. And that's another story for another day. 

4. To take more pictures with my camera.
Now this is one good one! I am really happy with this one. I have definitely achieved this. i Will achieve this throughout 2014 as i got a tripod for Christmas YAY!

5. To keep a journal
Nope. Its just not for me this journal stuff. it would be really nice to for keepsakes and that but nope not for me. I either forget about it or just never start. Sometimes i start then realise how boring and pathetic my life is haaha.

I have actually now sat and made goals for 2014...

1: I really do need to get ACTIVE. im a teenager and my body is rapidly changing so i need to keep fit and healthy. Weve just bought a pink exercise bike and a running machine so i need to do 20 minutes every other day. I also really need to cut down on the junkfood. Alot of weekends im like oh im going to pig out.. and its just bad. i mean once a month is fine but every weekend just isnt on. Oh megan..

2: Take opportunities. i have been really poor at this hah for example if  get asked to go round someones house i sometimes say im busy when im just on tumblr aha:)I NEED TO STOP DOING THIS! and this also includes the fact im to lazy to join a sports team at school. I need to join the netball team...

3: Balance everything.. for example if i have a big project at school i need to plan to balance it over a period of weekends. Yep.

So those are my resolutions.. i would now like to share with you my new obsession.... BEANIES hats:) i would NOW like to share with you a picture of pickles with my new river island beanie on (Bottom) which was £3 in the sale! and my New Look one! £4!

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