Monday, 21 April 2014

Im moving!


well, im moving house tomorrow and i have nothing else to do so i thought i would have a natter with ya! You lucky things!

Im sat on my mattress in my pj's with some extremely slow internet as our main has been cut of.
Lately i have joined the school magazine where i am writing a few articles on blogging, where i have mentioned you guys and also my favourite blogg, Tavi Gevinson and im loving it. Well, its better than spending my time tumblr and its helping me with my English yey.

I need some of your ideas for my rooms. i need some inspiration. Basically i want something i like im guessing Ha. So im just going to list the things i like

  1. Cosy things  - Extremely soft blankets and pillows and just generally soft things
  2. Cute things - Fairy lights, old photos you know the stuff 
  3. Colour themes - I like dark blue and stuff
So basically its a tumblr room. . . 

But, if you have any more ideas just comment me links, advice, inspiration. You name it i want it
Also i love to hear about random things hahah you dont have to but i love a cheeky story or something

Some good posts coming up as i have to much spare time at the moment hah

k bye 
love ya'll 


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