Friday, 11 July 2014

Summer Bucket List!

Summer Bucket list!
Summer is on its way and here is a bucket list of things to do before summer ends, we don’t want to spend ALL our time napping under that cosy duvet. We need to make the most of summer before the fresh school year comes in! 

1.     Plan a sleepover in a tent.
2.Spend a relaxing day at the beach with your close friends.
3. Create a summer mix tape on your phone of your favourite summer songs!
4. Create a tumblr Blog of your favourite summer things.
5. Have a huge water balloon fight with your friends.
6.Try a new food: maybe Mexican – my favourite!
7.Try to tie dye your own top- Be Careful
8. Chalk your hair; it comes out easier than a dye and you can get more colours.
9.Get a nice tan; although that may be hard in our English weather…
10.Bake some summer goodies.
11.Make homemade ice cream – Search YouTube for tutorials!
12.   Visit an arcade.
13.   Go bowling with a group of friends.
14.   Make some healthy pancakes.
15.   Go on a run to keep fit.
16.   Messy twister game (Use paint and make it up!)
17.   Make some lemonade!
18.   Wake up early to watch the sunrise, or stay up late and watch the sunset.
19.   Go strawberry picking.
20.   Attend a festival, and dress for the occasion!
21.   Plan a themed party – Mexican, French or maybe Italian (for the pizza!), then actually have it!
22.   Make some new friends that you wouldn't normally talk to
23.   Listen to a new genre of music, book of film.
24.   Build a sand castle.
25.   Decorate your room - Tumblr style!
26.   Host a barbecue.
27.   Send messages in a bottle
28.   Have a spa day with friends (Diy)
29.   Write a message on a balloon send it in the sky!
30.   Dance in the British rain!

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