Sunday, 7 October 2012

A massive catchup :))

Hey, just to let you guys no, i am not doing this blog for anyone, I am doing it for myself, I wanted to express my feelings for fashion and just my thoughts and stuff about life. Enough of that stuff, I am doing a question and answer video! Only if i get 15 or more ( the more part would be nice) questions, all about me , my fashion and my life! maybe what I had for tea, how old i am, what made me do this blog, anything you can think of (in reason!!!) and i will try and answer as many as i can without sending you to sleep! Oh and the D.I.Y today is going to be make your own ice cream!

Ok, Outfit for yesterday and today!!

England, I know Sunny!!
Top peacocks,leggings matalan, shoes primark,cardigan used to be my mums.

I have a pink flower for the little girl missing.
Cardigan- Used to be my mums, top primark , leggings, store 21, shoes tk max.
Oh .... I am decorating my room! Bright pink, with 1 wall zebra pink and i am making cushions to go with it!! x
D.i.y : I also uploaded it to youtube : 

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