Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Favourite things about autumn!

Ok, its now autumn and currently raining in England. I'm so excited for autumn, also know as fall in other places which is a much better name because fall is like the falling of the leaves and it makes much more sense, so i like fall better * and breathe*.i am currently sat on my laptop with a hot cup of milk, i am now going to call it fall:) so i thought i would do my favourite things about 'fall' in this post, ok, here goes, enjoy!

Knitted Jumpers
Yes, i absolutely love these  and my wardrobe is full of them, they're comfy and awesome! its nippy in the autumn but not to cold so these are perfect when you just want to slip something on, they look great with leggings and under short dungarees for the on trend look!

Hot chocolate
I am really into hot chocolates at the moment. Imagine this:your sat in bed, with a jumper on and you have a nice mug of hot chocolate with marsh mellows and whipped cream. Yes, that what i do every night muaha. I recently found these : Chocablok! You mix them with hot milk and there's a spoon attached and and and, yeah! They turn into a hot chocolate:) and yes, I'm now sat here with a chokablok hot chocolate, so yes, you should be jealous

The weather
Autumn is my favourite month, its something about the leaves and crisp days that makes me feel good, also because you mostly wear leggings and tights, you don't have to shave as much woo! Taking crisp autumn walks with Pickles, my dog, is amazing, a breath of fresh air is always good!

Yes, this one is so predictable, i am very excited about Halloween! Last year i went to a Halloween party and it was awesome, so i would like to be invited to another one, so if i know any of you readers, please do invite me to yours hint hint shona:) I don't actually know if i really want to get dressed up on the day, i would rather save that for the night, and i saw New looks Halloween range and have decided to invest in one of the tops, im sorry im in love with the glow in the dark ghosts one, they're just to cute!

The drinks
Costa and Starbucks have brought in their Autumn collection, ( Click here for Costa's range and here for Starbuck's) and i'm getting excited! So your walking through the shopping village in your big thick coat and your knitted scarf, you walk into starbucks and purchase their PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE, you cant get more autumny, (yes i just made a word up) than that. Costa's autumn drink range has got CHOCOLATE AND ORANGE MOCHA LATTE and TOFFEE NUT CARAMELLA. And yes, i felt the need to put there names in capitals.

Cosy 'stuff'
Yes, who needs boyfriends when you have duvets and woolly hats? You can now put on your onesie (in my case a giraffe) , jump like a ninja into your bed and not get to hot at the same time! Need i say more.

Bonfire night
Good old guyfawks night, i love the fireworks , and don't forget the sprinklers, i try every year to get some good shots on my camera but it never happens! If your family decide to not do fireworks, just look out your window in your duvet and i bet you will see millions of fireworks in the comfort of your own duvet!

One of the best things in Autumn is the food: slow cooked stews,roasted chestnuts, home made soups and toffee apples: my mouth tingles just thinking about it! Me and my sister are attempting to make toffee apples this year, although my nan usually does the best ones ever before the carnival, more about that next, so we may have to resort back to nans recipe first, if you would like to try making some, click here to see a recipe i found (i'm getting good with the hyperlinks) be sure to send me a picture and show me how yours turned out!

It's a tradition of mine to go along to a carnival down in the village nearby, and enjoy the floats going along, their used to be a huge firework display and bonfire but that's all been stopped because of health and safety regulations, what's the world coming to? *sigh* but its still good and ROASTED CHESTNUTS are the best thing EVER i am telling you now. So i advise you see if you have a carnival near you, and you should go and get involved with the food!

And last but not least, conker hunting! What's better than getting a conker of the tree stamping on it and gaining the feeling of accomplishment when you reach the acorn inside! I've always wanted to play the game ' conkers' but never have for some reason, it's always been on my mental bucket list and i want to do it so badly this year, so im going to!

Comment your Favourite things abut Autumn!

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*note to self: buy some autumn scented yankee candles*

Bye! xox

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