Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas eve & Oh No!

Hi, this post is from yesterday, I fell asleep while writing so .... Oh dear! Our whole street has just had a power cut that lasted five hours. Yeah great! All 5 of us sat down in the living room which was candle lit. Okay so if that wasn't bad enough, no Internet! *gasp* It was a nightmare because I had started a blog post and... boom power went and I hadn't saved it! Anyway, it's Christmas eve eve today!! Yay! I have found a little d.i.y for you guys to try that i sound on stumble upon all credit goes to: The nailasaurus!

Ombre nails

1. You shall need:                                                        

2 Nail polishes a lighter and darker colours and clear coat.

A part of a sponge, Could be any type you can cute bit's of when you need them.
A few tooth picks.
A plastic wallet or some foil.

Now the fun starts!

Out of your 2 colours, chose the lightest colour and paint your nails and, wait patiently for them to dry.

So, now apply a generous amount of the two colours of nail polish on your plastic wallet.
Now, swirl!! Using a toothpick, swirl the two colours together where they meet. The area where they mix will determine the length of the graduation. So if you want a long graduation, mix a bigger section of the colours, if you want less of a fade, just mix them together a tiny bit.

Now, using your sponge, dab it a few times onto your nail polish.

Now dab the sponge on to your nail, and gently move the sponge up and down.

So your are nearly done, Clean up all the edges using nail polish remover and a brush and apply some clear top coats to finish!

All done! Enjoy! x