Saturday, 22 December 2012

My new addiction.

Hey people, we survived the 21st so now we can get exited for Christmas! My favourite time of the year! Yesterday was a half day as it was our last... he he, that rhymes! Anyway when I got home I out my pj's on and stuck on the polar express, which is my favourite Xmas film. Then there was a knock at the door and my mum answered it and it was my mates, I said I cant go out cos I'm in my pj's and my dad picked me up in my pj's and put them in view of me. Great. I looked a mess! Oh well, I'm not 100% sure if I've posted a picture of my flat cap I bought like 20 years ago, so I will go and check.... NO! I will post a picture of my flat cap. OK and i need to stop lying I said last blog post I would post everyday but that failed.Oh and I have a new addiction: Vintage. Yar. Everything vintage.. Is mine. Even my phone wallpaper is vintage as you will see.Oh and Tavi Gevinson's blog! I'm on twitter (@fashionality_12) And instagram: Fashionalityblog. Yeah im gonna just edit it when i finally get dressed and post a pic, Okayy?

My new flat cap ~ River island

Oh and my christmassy nails hehe

My phone wallpaper.. Weird but vintage!

Psst, I just learnt how to take a Screen shot ha!

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