Saturday, 22 June 2013

JUNE Favorites, and a big surprise!

Hello, just going to get straight into it; Fashionality is now spirit of beauty. This may come as a shock but oh well, if you read my last post i have explained more so yeah:) I hope you guys do like my new name and i hope you stay with me, after all, it is only a name! Woo i'm so exited about it eh? So this post i'm going to post pictures of my favorite items of this month and i have made a video about it here. Lettss GO!

So the first item is my concealer from the natural collection in Boots, i love this as  it doesn't show up orange on me face and evenly covers my spots and clogged pores:)! (shade: fair)

So lately i have been having trouble with my face skin, that's sound quite strange actually... SO MY SOLUTION WAS TO BUY THIS. It's really good, i used it for a week and it helped clean some of my clogged pores, not all of them, but not after about 3 weeks a lot of my pores have been unclogged Yay, i will continue using this for a long TIME!

Bobby Pins.. i don't need to explain more.

As well as my concealer i bought this with it, its on the shade of porcelain and is really good, i don't  look like an orange, which is always good, and it doesn't make me look to fake, which is really good! 

I shall see you when i see you my dearies:) 


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