Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Well, finally my Super drug order came! Well it came yesterday, we released that the parcel force, didn't deliver Saturday and Sunday and that's why it came Monday! Well, they could of told me, so this is a post of what i got! Using my Samsung camera , i think i can get good shots in my garden actually!

Baby Lips Lip Tint
Finally, this products available in England! I have watched so many YouTube videos which have included this product and saying how good this collection of tinted lip balms are, and when i was dong my order, i saw these and i can't explain my happiness. I've really wanted to buy these but i didn't want to pay the cost of delivery from America so i just had to sit tight and wait. These are really cheap, and moisturise your lips while giving them a tint of pink colour: and they smell like heaven.

Price : £2.99
Rate: 9/10
Worth the price?: YES.
Would you buy again: OBVIOUSLY.

Batiste Dry Hair Shampoo

I used this shampoo today, for the first time, seeing as i only got this product Monday, and i have fallen in love. The only dry Shampoo i have used before is the batiste mini bottles, mine was in blush. I used that mini bottle up quite quickly but haven't bothered to buy a new one. So when i came to do my order i thought, why not and bought one for £2.99. This product is great and smells of cherries, seeing as that's the flavour and it has them all over the bottle haha.. This is a great product for 2nd day hair.

Price: £2.99
Rate: 8/10
Worth the price: Bit expensive but overall yes.
Would you buy again: Yes

Eyelash curler
I have never had an eyelash curler in my life, as i believed that they were ALL to expensive ( for me £7-£8 was a bit to expensive for my liking). But when i was on this order, i looked on a youtube video of what someone bought in a super-drug haul and they bought one, and this product was quite cheap. As i had never bought an eyelash curler i wasn't completely sure on how i was supposed to do it, so i looked on a couple of YouTube videos and with the help of my sister, im getting the hang of it now!

Price: £2
Rate: 8/10
Worth the price: Yeah
Would you buy again: 100% yes

Face sponge:
i dont really have much to say about this product other than its a sponge. It's great to remove make-up.

Price: 99p
Rate: 7/10
Worth the price: I guess
Would you buy again: yeah

It's quite hard to rate a sponge actually.

Nail polish
This is thee most amazing nail polish ever. Make up academy have done it yet again and produced an amazing nail polish. his one is in the shade of pistachio ice cream and i have a story to tell about this. Basically i had been doing my order for around a week, and i had found this nail polish when i first started my order, and typically, it was out of stock. I was bummed, then i happened to search for it again seconds before i completed my order, and they had it, i was so so so happy like i was silently screaming on the inside. I  am wearing this nail polish right now, the only thing is that you have to do a couple of coats for a full coverage.

Price: £1.00
Rate: 9/10
Worth the price: YES!
Would you buy again: YES!

Mua lip trio in scarlet
This is one of those: Oh i have a few pound left to spend, oh i will get it kind of buy. But i am really happy i bought this product and is great price, like most of the Mua products are.

Price: £1.50 ( Usually £2.50)
Rate: 8/10
Worth the price: Yes.
Would you buy again: Maybe, in a different shade.

Mua eye palette in heaven and earth
This is yet again a great value product from Makeup academy, and i'm really looking forward to playing around and contouring these different shades. I have discovered a YouTube tutorial where you can find HERE. So i will have have a go and get to you on that.

Price: £4.00
Rate: 8.5/10
Worth the price?: yes
Would you buy again?: Yes

So thats all i got today guys: If you want me to do any tutorials or more- in depth reviews about any of the products just leave a comment and i'll get back to you!

Lots of love
Your fellow spiriter Megan


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