Friday, 2 August 2013

My Little Hints & Tricks

So every person in the beauty industry has their own hints and tricks, so i will share some of my own with you. i don't have a job so i cant earn that much money to buy loads and loads so most of these tricks help you save some money, every little helps! Lets go!

1: .Wear white eyeliner to make eyes appear less red
2: For the summer months, you don’t want to be caked in foundation so try a tinted moisturizer instead.
3: To add volume to clean or unwashed hair, use a dry shampoo spray.
4: Use a shimmer eye shadow to compliment a bold matte lip.
5:When using a cream product, lock it in by using a translucent powder over it.
6: Don't be to serious with make-up play around with it!
7: If you have chipped nail-polish, add crackle nail polish on top to disguise the look of chipping!
8: Don't spend to much money on makeup remover product, baby wipes are cheap and just as good!
9:Use Ice Cubes To Keep Fat, Acne And Wrinkles At Bay
10: De- puff your eyes with raw potatoes
11:Fragrance rises, so spritz it on your ankles or behind your knees to help your scent last longer
12:If your bored with your natural hair colour, but you're not allowed to dye it, use a eyeshadow ad apply its to the ends for a easily washed out colour!
13: Your blush and lip colour should be in the same colour family to look more natural 
14:Don't rub your concealer tap it in, rubbing causes wrinkles!
15: Play up your lips or your eyes, but never both
16:Spend money on key beauty products
17: Always try before you buy, most drugstores offer testers to try before you bye.
18:A spritz of lemonade on damp hair to give hold and texture
19: Heat up eye lash curlers before using them!
20: Put Tea bags on tired eyes

Well, that's just 20 i could think of, there's lots more where that came from! 

So today i done a big super drug order online, and im very impatient so i didnt want to wait, so i paid £5 for next day delivery so i will post another post tomorrow showing you what i got! Also as its the holidays now i dip dyed my hair this was the result:

 See you tomorrow! 


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