Sunday, 5 August 2012

More school stuff!! x

I know its a bit early to be getting read for school my mums like that. I thought I would base this post of the items I have (well my dads bank) bought. I have put where the clothes are bought and stuff like that :) Also some other news is that my friend , who wants to be a photographer has kindly said she would help me take photo's with my blog! She is amazing! When me and my friend was out one day she took some pictures of me and my shoe and I thought they were brilliant! I have put some of them on as well! So a full post today!! X P.s That friend she is amazing and she photographs she takes looks professional!!! PPS really sorry about the layout of this post!!

Knee High Socks - Primark
White Polo - HnM

School Skirt - HnM

Joggers - HnM

Polo shirt - school Kit.



School Trousers - Marks and spencers.

 These are my friends pictures the to above me! They are gorgeous! x

Sorry about no todays outfit! x


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