Sunday, 26 August 2012

Were going on a summer holiday (Well Been! ) x

Heyy Awesome!

I went away for a little while to Cornwall for a break which was great - apart from the weather! I was so busy I didn't have time to take pics of my proper outfits but I did just have normal pictures taken! Oh and I have been wanting this holister top for like ever but it was £50! I cant afford that so I was watching a couple on eBay but then I went away to my nan's so I gave hope on having it before I went on holiday! So I came back the day before and went to bed because I am lazy :/ . Next day I went down stairs and there it was! So I basically lived on that the whole holiday!!!

The first day :

I know I look awful in that picture but it was the only one of just me on my own!

Jacket - Hollister
Top - ( Cant remember!)
Leggings - Store 21
Bag - Claire's
Shoes - Primark

The second day :

Me Looking very windswept!

Jacket (HaHa) - Hollister
Leggings - Matalan
Shoes - Primark
Bag - Claires
Hairband - Primark

The Last Day:

If you are in this picture and would like It taken of Just commment and I will take it of.
Jumper : ( Guess!) Hollister
Jeans : Matalan
High tops: Tk Max
Bag : Claires
Sorry about my dog, he has to be the centre of attentiopn - Always.

Top - New lool
Jacket - Hollister
Shorts - HnM
Tights - Peacocks
Shoes - Tk Max


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