Sunday, 9 September 2012

D.I.Y special x

Hey guys, been really busy with school this week, lost my timetable and stuff like that :( But i got up and ready and ima going out somewhere today :) Bought my copy of Company mag a few days ago for my french homework - to cover my french book and i was looking for anything french to stick on there - I was surprised , there wasn't much so i went and sat in the garden and read it :) Got a little D.I.y for you to try - Creative pebbles <3 !!

D.I.Y Project:

Gorgeous Pebble stones.

You will need:
  •  Pebbles ( Preferably flat )
  • Nail Polish ( clear + any colours )
  • Newspapers

  1. Place all the pebbles on Thye newspaper, spread out the stones.
  2. Using clear nail polish, paint all the top ( and bottom if you wish )
  3. 1 by 1, Paint patterns on the
  4. Let them dry then a top coat - Enjoy!!
Next time i shall be doing this D.I.Y!
Newspaper Nails!


Of to do homework :( Rather be talking about fashion but hey-ho ! x

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