Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

I had a pyjama day yesterday and did nothing because I felt really ill, so I didn't go out. I think I'm going to get dressed today and maybe go out with some friends, the D.I.Y I am posting today is called Chalkboard bottles and I found this D.I.Y here. I tried it myself and turned out great so I will post some pictures!

Chalkboard bottles

You will need
  • Bottles, can be beer or j2o type.
  • Chalkboard spray ~ Can be found here!
  • Newspaper
  • Chalks. 

1. Soak the bottles in warm water to make the labels peel of easier.
2. Let them dry for about 15mins.
3. Take the bottle preferably in a outside area,lay the newspaper down and place the bottle on top.
4. Spray the bottle in a light coat and according to the instructions on your bottle, leave until not thoroughly dry but finger touch dry. Now do another coat and leave for 24 hours.
5. Now write you messages and experiment!