Saturday, 26 January 2013

Meal out and Diy!

I had Friday of school! But, it wasn't for snow. Anyway I went out for a meal on Thursday, I wore my new jeans and had a really good time, it was for my sister as this evening we are taking her back up to Cardiff where she goes to university and it was sort of a leaving meal.I also had to sort out my wardrobe and had some spare shirts so (as you do) made some bracelets out of them so I will show you how to make them!Oh and now I am a belieber, I have been for a little while now, and I have made this promise I will be forever so yeah..

1. Get an old top.
2. Cut into strips of about 4cm width and 30 cm long.
3.  Make three of these.
4. Pull on them.
5. knot them together.
6. Plait/braid down and leave about 3cm at the bottom.
7. knot the end.
8. knot them together on your wrist!

Do you like the way I made it?! I used Pizap.

Outfit for meal out:


P.s Get your thinking caps on, next post i will be asking for questions and hopefully I if get enough i'll make a video answering your questions!!

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