Tuesday, 16 April 2013

'Being you doesn't make you weird'

Hey, todays post is going to be a bit different, its all going to about being yourself and not someone society calls normal. At school i'm in a class where every class is top set and its really strict, and everyone is really clever.Some of my closest friends now are in this class with me but there are still people who think they are better than everyone else and it just annoys me. When ever i do something what they call strange like i dunno er do a strange voice they call me weird and strange and although they mostly say it in a jokey manner it makes you think to yourself that you are weird and don't fit it. Thats my problem but after constantly reading blogs especially tavi gevinsons, the girl who im obsessed with's blog i have been able to just ignore them and continue to be my usual unique self, but not everyone reads blogs or has the confidence to ignore these people and just spend there life 'trying to fit in' which is stuiped. And i have to admit i hate the teen slang word YOLO but its true. You do only live once:) unless your a cat, you have 9 lives.




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