Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The changes in life:)

Okay so in life we go through millions of changes.
-our friends
-our schools/ jobs
-our body
 and so much more.

Some of these changes are good for us and some arent so good, some are good, and some are maybe just are the best for us and i know this, im definitely not saying ive been through the most change because i haven't but i have had some changes some good and bad such as getting away from friends that weren't true friends and making new friends in my secondary school.HaHa i got a good and a bad example in one sentence:) Oh so clever;)

So what im trying to say is yes. we all have gone through change. Your dog, your mum your dad whoever. So when a good or bad change comes your way share it! Celebrate the good stuff and tell them your bad stuff it will make a difference.. meggy promise:)

Can i just say that this girl sammie has noticed my youtube channel and my blog and is supporting me throughout my day to upload and blog so Thankyou sammie! x

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