Thursday, 4 April 2013

I HAVE something important to tell you.

Hello my dearies:)

I now have a YouTube channel FreshYoungBeautyy so i would advise you guys to go out and check it! it would mean so much to me! I uploaded my first video yesterday: My daily makeup routine 

I would now like to talk to you guys about my inspirations/ role modes.

Tavi Gevinson
Yeah, i found her blog a couple of months ago now and have now become obsessed. she isn't like any other teenage blogger i have ever known, she's not all about beauty makeup and fashion, she is about making yourself unique and individual. In society these days to be 'pretty' you have to be perfect. And perfect isn't real. Everyone has something they don't like about themselves. This girl is all about being yourself and promoting that perfect isn't real, she has become so poplar she now has her own online magazine rookie. I mean when you're still in your teen years have a blog with millions of visits, have your own online magazine and go along to fashion shows whenever you feel like it, you know you've made it. Oh and did i forget to say that she has a yearly print edition of rookie, as well? I have it *hehe*

Chelsea (more commonly known as BeautyLiciousInsider)
I only found out about this girl the other day but i have spent like a week just watching her videos.She has over 200,000 subscribers on her channel. She is very girly but she doesn't take herself seriously. I love watching her videos that she uploads almost everyday, she also has a website Click her to see her youtube channel!

Damn, i missed tricking you guys on april fools.. always next year, it just give me more time muahahaha

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